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what is "Breathing with Strangers"?

What is it

How it began

How to get involved

About Kinesis Project

Breathing with Strangers is a large scale dance performance that is a"ragged love song to NYC"... by recognizing the intensity of our city we recognize the depth of humanity in spontaneous, kind actions and unexpected conversations between  strangers.

Breathing with Strangers  by Kinesis Project dance theatre is a dance performance inspired by the peace, the kindness witnessed between strangers, and the push toward action that happens in surprising moments in a busy city.

We are bringing the ideas of Breathing with Strangers here, offering this internet portal of to share stories of kindness between strangers, encourage empathy and consider ways of sharing an artistic muse.


By using the "share a story" link or, choosing a story to use as inspiration for your own artistic expression, we are all a part of Breathing with Strangers, even at a distance.  Add your story here

Kinesis Project dance theatre is a non-profit organization that creates site specific dance performances and facilitates educational programs. The company produces large-scale, space-changing and unexpectedly intimate dances.

Kinesis Project is at the forefront of the international discussion of placemaking, art engagement with diverse communities and the cultural imperative of art in public spaces.

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